7 may 2021 : Release of the documentary on mental health by KUL Leuven 'Vergeten Vrouwen' (Forgotten Women)  

Video: Direction and editing by Arne Reszczynski

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Soon more exciting summer dates will be announced for

"Dood is de dodo "  the new theater show by Joke Van Leeuwen en Marijs Boulogne, for the summer of 2021,

and in the automn, the vulva will hopefully travel to the cultural center of Sint Niklaas.


Marijs is currently working from all angles on a suspended crocheted sculpture in the finishing process of the 'Big Hand', based on an enlarged imagination of Beethoven's left hand, in a great new workshop.  

The wrestling training will also start soon again as everybody is getting vaccinated.


From 2021, Joke Van Leeuwen and Marijs Boulogne (piano accordion) perform for the collective of the poets for the climate.

A video link was made in Destelheide,

new dates will be announced soon.  


Title: Dood is de dodo.



Het Lam Gods 2.0: The panel "Adam" by Van Eyck re-interpretated in translucent patchwork by Marijs Boulogne while playing Bach's Magnificat on accordeon, videos available at Iedereen Beroemd.


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28 March 2021:  1-5 pm, Brussels, Marijs plays 'Bach in the basement' in the cultural center 'Elzenhof', from the Magnificat, on a corona proof event, organised by Myriam Saenen


29 January 2021: Destelheide Dicht, Dworp,

Writer and performer Moya de Feyter presents a night with the collective of climatepoets,

members Joke Van Leeuwen en Marijs Boulogne perform as a duo.  

Text, flute, and voice by Joke Van Leeuwen

Accordeon and costume by Marijs Boulogne.  Music: J.S. Bach


13 and 14 December, evening: OMG! Van Eyck was here

projection of re-interpretation of Adam by Marijs Boulogne on the Belfort in Ghent. Press release.


21 February 2020 at 6:30pm: Forgotten Women (Vergeten vrouwen), art and psychiatry - Marijs Boulogne: crochet works from THE SWELF collection, group exhibition (24.2.-31.08.2020), UPC KU Leuven - Cera, Leuven, Belgium 


 Forgotten.Women-Cera  Leuven. Belgium February.2020   22 Vergeten vrouwen exhibtion Cera Leuven Belgium February.2020





19 March 2020 at 10:30pm: LUCHA LIBRE - Matchs de championnat, live catch with BYWS/BPWF - Recyclart, Molenbeek, Belgium (Marijs Boulogne and Sonya Henderson as presenters)


23 Catch Recyclart Molenbeek 19.3.2020



23 May 2020 at 7:30 pm / 24 May 2020 at 3:00 pm: VAN BEETHOVENS HANDMechelen Cultural centre, Mechelen, Belgium 


van beethovens hand Mechelen


What if you can't hear? Van Beethoven's 5th symphony is world famous. But what if your audience can only feel the music. Marijs Boulogne translates the music into a story with sign language and an expressive performance. A big hand comes to life on Beethoven's music. An exciting encounter between sound and silence, image and expression, the 5th symphony for everyone with or without hearing.
The Mechels Kamerorkest plays the 5th symphony integrally in an energetic and expressive way.


Choreography and concept: Marijs Boulogne
Orchestra: Mechels Kamerorkest
Music: 5th Symphony - Ludwig Van Beethoven
Musical direction: Tom Deneckere
Cultuurcentrum Mechelen in collaboration with Mechelen Chamber Orchestra & friends of the Conservatory







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