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2 December at 8pm - LUCHA LIBRE - Women's Match (Superpiggy vs Candy Caraïbes), Cobra Wrestling Organisation - Sport hall, Torhout, Belgium (Marijs aka Superpiggy as a wrestler) / Superpiggy intro: AUDIO

Womens.Match Torhout 2017   SP logo

30 September, LUCHA LIBRE, wrestling by Cobra Wrestling Association - Torhout, Belgium (Marijs Boulogne as presenter)

Wrestling Torhous September.2017

23 September, 2-6pm - SHE WAS LIKE (THE SWELF research process), residency, open doors - Open Huis, Studio 1, De Grote Post, Oostende, Belgium

20 THE SWELF exhibition De Grote Post Oostende 2017 1 SHE WAS LIKE THE SWELF research De Grote Post Oostende 2017

25,26,27 August - LUCHA LIBRE/Fiesta Latina - Bois de la Cambre, Brussels, Belgium (Marijs Boulogne as presenter) - Media announcement (Flemish)

Brussels girls and women who want to wrestle are encouraged to take up contact with Spelers Van De Ring on mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FLYER female FLYER fiesta latina Fiesta.Latina.2017

5 August at 8pm - LUCHA LIBRE / BYWS Wrestling show - Koninklijke StallingenOstend, Belgium (Marijs Boulogne as presenter)

Lucha.Libre Oostende 2017  Marijs-Lucha.Libre Koninklijke Stallingen-Ostend August.2017

27 July, 9-11pm - LUCHA LIBRE / LIVE CATCH & live music by the Tone Zones/La Jungle/Charlotte PépéRecyclart, Brussels, Belgium (Marijs Boulogne as presenter)

Live.catch Recyclart.Brussels July.2017 Live catch Recyclart.Brussels July.2017

MIDSUMMER DAYDREAM, musical comedy by Ik Zeg Adieu (IZA) vocal ensemble

3 July 2017 at 6 pm: IZA at Festival au Carré, Mars (Arsonic), Mons, Belgium

28 & 30 June 2017 at 8 pm: IZA at De Markten spiegelzaal, Brussels, Belgium (Flyer)

2 June 2017at 8.30 pm: IZA at Reynaertghezellen, Leuven, Belgium

3 June 2017at 8 pm: IZA at Villa 1900Waulsort, Belgium

27 IZA June.2017

1-3 June 2017 - THE SWELF - X-POSURE, group exhibition, Strangelove Queer Festival, Het Bos, Antwerpen

19 The.Swelf Strangelove.queer.festival Het.Bos 2017 strangelove2017

20-28 May 2017 - LUCHA LIBRE - CATCH 2060, wrestling events with the Laurent Gerstmans Cup, and Tag Team Champion Match: Rob Raw & Rex Rage vs Darkmondo & Sheikh Kamel’- Het Oude Badhuis, Antwerp (Marijs Boulogne as organizer an presenter of BYWS) 

Catch Antwerp May.2017

6 May 2017 - NUITS DU BEAU TAS: LUCHA LIBRE: Catch & Rock (BYWS and BCWF) & music (Electronic Pancakes/Mikeal J.) Marijs Boulogne participating as general manager and official member of the jury of referees of the European Catch Federation - Festival Nuits du Beau Tas, Rue de la Grande Île 62-64, Brussels

Nuit.du.Beau.Tas 2017

1 April 2017 - Catch (LUCHA LIBRE), BYWS (Marijs Boulogne as presenter) - CG Ten Weyngaert, Vorst, Brussels

Lucha.Catch Ten.Weyngaert 2017 

3-12 March 2017: ECO PUSSY - The continuation of group exhibition The Interactive Womb (Marijs Boulogne participating with THE SWELF crochet sculpture) - Eco Center, Gent, Belgium

eco pussy 2016 

20-24 February 2017: WHEN SOMETHING REALLY HAPPENS, workshop by Marijs Boulogne - Studio 303, Montreal, Canada 

workshop-marijs-boulogne web

14 February  2017 at 7.00 pm: MIDSUMMER DAYDREAM, musical comedy by Ik Zeg Adieu  vocal ensemble - Maison du Livre, Brussels 

A capella musical theatre production with a particular scenography and direction by Marijs Boulogne, situated in the fashion of the bourgeoisie in the Twenties . 


27, 28 January 2017 - THE INTERACITVE WOMB, collective exhibition (Marijs Boulogne participating with  THE SWELF crochet work installation and sound intervention on self made steel wool mesentarium snare drum) Haekem Gallery, Brussels

The.Interactive.Womb Haekem.2017   Steel wool mesenterium Marijs.Boulogne 2017

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