In 2019 Marijs Boulogne is continuing to work on several crocheted bodiesrepresenting different nervous systems.

In colaboration with Lize Blauw Verlooy she is developing an interactive Robot for the upcoming performance Ballet des vampires/Blijspel in June, which she is directing for Ik Zeg Adieu (IZA), a Brussels polyphonic vocal ensemble.

Robot Lize.Blauw.Verlooy IZA Ballet des vampires Blijspel 2019


19 January 2019 - Lucha Libre: La nuit du catch with L.M.C. (Lady Man Catch Club) - Salle Notre Dame Des Bruyères, Marcinelle, Belgium (Marijs Boulogne wrestling)

19 La.Nuit.du.catch L.M.C January.2019 6.4 LMC La nuit.du.catch November 2018 Godarville.Hainaut 

26 January 2019 - the art ensemble of brussels, longdurational performative concert -  Kanal, Centre Pompidou, Brussels (Marijs Boulogne: mutant crochetcostumes 47 taeobmommen

3 & 4 May 2019- Marijs Boulogne: The Anatomy Lesson - A Forensic Fairytale, performance (English version) - Westfluegel Leipzig, Germany

3.3 Anatomy lesson 2013 photo by nada zgank




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