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Marijs Boulogne (1978) is a theatre maker, playwright and performance artist. She performs as well as singer, accordionist, storyteller and presenter. She graduated as a theatre director in 2002 at the RITS School of Arts (Brussels) and studied an additional year in open workshop, new media, installation, and interdisciplinary work. She began directing her own plays in 1999 and received several prizes for her productions. Her plays have been translated into seven languages and have been performed in many countries under her own direction. She wrote and directed Voulez-vous poeper avec moi, Hezschmerz, Picknick!ExcavationsThe Anatomy LessonMarzipan or Plexi and co-wrote Love Zero Control, Good Habits and Endless Medication with Manah Depauw. 

Recurring themes in her work are sexuality, comedy and female strategies of liberation throughout the ages. She loves traditional female crafts like embroidery or crochet (The Swelf  cycle), which she often uses in her installations and performances. 

Since 2011 she is presenting, coordinating and organising Lucha Libre wrestling events of the 'Spelers van de Ring' and Brussels Young Wrestling Style Catch Clubs. In 2014 she wrote and directed the scenes of Waanvlucht (FleeTheFrenzy!) for Ruud Gielens and Kaaitheater with the Brussels Brecht Eisler Choir and compositions by Frederic Rzewski. There she met the conductor and singer Lucy Grauman of Ik Zeg Adieu (IZA), a professional Brussels vocal ensemble. In 2015 she joined the chorus as a singer, and in 2016 she directed IZA's musical comedy Midzomerdagdroom (Midsummer Daydream)Together they stage the contemporary compositions by IZA members, Brussels composers Chantal Levie, Céline Azizieh and Lucy Grauman. 

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Marijs.Boulogne photo by Nada Zgank 2013Marijs.Boulogne photo.Daniel Cordova.14

2017 Marijs.Boulogne by.Anabelle Schattens 1

2017 Marijs.Boulogne by.Anabelle Schattens 2

2017 Marijs.Boulogne by.Anabelle Schattens 4

Marijs.portrait at home in Brussels

Marijs portrait in Marzipan or Plexi costume