Big Smile 

Big Smile (crochet works exhibtion)

Exposition of a growing collection of crocheted genders/nervous systems

  • 22 July - 7 August 2016 (opening 22 July at 4pm) BIG SMILE crochet work exhibtion by Marijs Boulogne & Fadoma Osmane - Bleek, St. Niklaas, Belgium

Big Smile (performative lecture)

This lecture will focus on different sensory motivators in the skin. It will also reveal how to activate the body's own autonomous nervous system and enable the limbic system with its specific creativity function. As limbic signals are responsible for musicality, language, words or any spontaneous expression of the face, hands or voice, its underlying system needs to be activated in a good and decent way.

Women artists can share life mysteries through colors and textures, sounds and dancing or just by staying quiet. They can be big, (un)recognized artists, unknowing how to say what they are. Yet, the question ‘Who are you’ only seems to be thoroughly answered by the gendered male with pelvic nerves that have never been disturbed by, for instance, giving birth. For the wide spectrum of artists from self-assigned genders and especially for those who had their pelvic nerves destroyed or cruelly altered as in genital mutilation, the question ‘Who are you and what do you feel’ is a challenge and confrontation at the same time. This lecture connects different sports of the ladder of consciousness, and will finally leave it to the command of the autonomous nervous system itself.

  • 5 June 2016 t 8pm, bio-micro residency, lecture/performance on the nervous system with anatomical models by Marijs Boulogne - The other the self #3Q-O2, Brussels / (photos)




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