Marzipan or Plexi

Fairytale-musical performance (English and Dutch language version)

2008 (performance crew - Brut, Vienna)
Text & concept: Marijs Boulogne
With: Marzipan: Ragna Aurich; Plexi: Emmanuelle Roisin; Prince: Marijs Boulogne
Presented at: brut im Künstlerhaus, Vienna

2009 (performance crew - Ljubljana and Vienna)
Concept, direction and text: Marijs Boulogne
Marzipan, the witch princess: Eva Schram
Plexi, the mermaid: Timna Vanhecke
Hungry monsters of the deep sea: Eric Dean Scott, Maja Delak, Urška Vohar, Jelena Rusjan, Vlasta Veselko, Katja Kosi, Evin Hadžialjević, Kaja Teržan
Dramaturgy advising: Marianne Van Kerkhoven
Costumes: Rachid Laachir
Light: Urška Vohar
Tehnical guidance: Janko Oven in collaboration with Bunker Team
Executive producer: Sabina Potočki
Program coordinator - Vienna: Elizabeth Bernroitner
Co-production: Buelens Paulina vzw and Emanat Institute Ljubljana in collaboration with Bunker Ljubljana, Tanzquartier Vienna and Kaaitheater Brussels
Supported by: Siemens Arts program

2010 (performance crew - Belgian premiere):
Concept, text, direction: Marijs Boulogne
Dramaturgy: Marianne Van Kerkhoven (Kaaitheater)
Performed and danced by: Ragna Aurich, Eva Schram, Timna VanheckeDavid De Meuter, Urška Vohar, Jelena Rusjan, Vlasta Veselko, Katja Kosi, Evin Hadžialjević, Kaja Teržan, Tina Janežič 
Costumes: Rachid Laachir
Musical arrangement: Timna Vanhecke & Peter Pázmány
Light design & technics: Janko Oven
Co-production Kaaitheater Brussels, Tanzquartier/Siemens Arts Program, Zavod Emanat, vzw Buelens Paulina Support: kc nOna, Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren

The text Marzipan or Plexi by Marijs Boulogne was created with the support of a grant by the Flemish Fund for Literature.

The performance process of developing the English language version of Marzipan or Plexi started in 2008 at the request of Brut in Vienna, and was further developed with the aid of the Siemens Arts Program in the Kaaistudio’s in Brussels, in Antwerp (Zuidpool and Scheld’apen) and Mechelen (kc nOna). After a five-day workshop in Ljubljana in March 2009, the work was presented in Ljubljana (Stara mestna elektrarna venue) and at the Gravity Festival in Vienna’s Tanzquartier. In 2010, Marsepein of Plexi, the Dutch language performance adaptation premiered in Brussels, Mechelen and Hassels (Belgium).  

Marzipan or Plexi can best be described as a fairytale-musical performance: Marijs Boulogne created a production that combines the narrative character of a fairytale with the musical (text, music, and dance) and the intractability of a performance. The performance takes place in a palace where the final descendant of a macabre royal family pines away his time with his favourite hobby: a deep-sea aquarium. It contains the most beautiful creatures from the sea. Among them, Plexi is the most extraordinary. She is a sensual mermaid with a jazzy voice and razor-sharp sharkskin, born of a shark and a drowned sailor. The prince is seeking a bride, but who would want to marry him? Then the lovely Marzipan appears. …

The fairy tale that Mazipan and Plexi narrate and sing together in an almost childlike, playful manner narrates about ‘hunger’: desire, (female) ecstasy; symbiosis and sexuality.
In the aquarium, the strangest fish species imaginable swim around, with their fins and tails crocheted of glittering materials in diverse colours. The prince on stage is a doll, with crocheted intestines and a heart made of cloth. All the characters are ambiguous. They are animal and human. Real and invented. Doll or human. They are neither male nor female, but their sexuality is emphasised. In the relationships they have with one another, sexuality receives other connotations. New words playfully emerge to describe it.

Tour dates
03.04.2010 - Kc Belgie, Hassels, BE
02.04.2010 - Kc nOna, Mechelen, BE
01.04.2010 - Kc nOna, Mechelen, BE
26.03.2010 - WoWmen Festival, Kaaitheater, Brussel, BE
25.03.2010 - WoWmen Festival, Kaaitheater, Brussel, BE
21.03.2009 - Tanzquartier Wien, AT
15.03.2009 - Stara mestna elektrarna Elektro Ljubljana, SI
12.01.2008 - Brut, Vienna, A

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