Performance for adults featuring children actors

Written and directed by: Marijs Boulogne
Dramaturgy and assistance by: Bart Capelle
Performed by: Calixte De Coster, Natan De Coster, Amos Tindemans, Dorien Van Den Broeck and Lisa Van der Schueren 
Costums and scenography by: Marijs Boulogne and Anne Weckx

Produced by Youth theatre BRONKS, Brussels, Belgium

In the spring of 2004, Marijs Boulogne wrote Picknick!, a play for adults featuring children as the actors. The text was nominated for Taalunie-Toneelschrijfprijs literary award. 

During one week of summer vacation Marijs Boulogne and Bart Capelle worked together with fifteen children between eight and twelve years old. The five of them came together during the winter vacation, whereupon they met once a week in the following months. For them, Marijs Boulogne writes a new theatre text freely inspired by the play Pique-nique en campagne (Picnic on the Battlefield) by Fernando Arrabal.

Mommy and daddy are having a picnic at their son’s, a warrior without fear, who has set up his camp in the middle of the battle field. Together, they spend a nice afternoon. There is a canon, there are different sorts of guns, grenades, poison gas, an enjoyable picnic and, finally, there is the enemy, with his filthy little ideas. 

It is a philosophical-cannibalistic play about war, the question why war exists, about pain, the feeling of hurting people, about dying, about happiness and love.

Performance dates
28 and 29 February 2004 - Youth theatre Bronks, Brussels, Belgium

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