Marijs Boulogne: Endless Medication
(Excerpt from the play, translated by Marijs Boulogne)


But than it was over with Rosa
She got locked up in a mental hospital
They took her Jesus child and chucked it out the window
She had to appear in front of a tribunal

(tape around Rosa)

Tribunal:  Rosa.  Swear on the Bible!

Rosa: I swear on the Bible.

Tribunal: Is it true that you got a child from out of your leg

Rosa: yes,

Tribunal: that’s not possible.
Whose child is it?

Rosa: God.

Tribunal: that is not possible.

Tribunal: whose child is it?

Rosa: Gods. And of the truth and the reality from the knife and from all the people who live there in the hands of god.

Tribunal: And how do you know.

Rosa: God called on my phone.

Tribunaal: And what did god say.

Rosa: God said: Rosa, The birth will be soon there.  Rejoice in the new Jesus!

Tribunal: And what language did god speak.

Rosa: God spoke English with a Belgian accent.

Tribunal: And why does god talk to you in English, if you are a Belgian by birth

Rosa: Because in English, I don’t talk well, but I understand a lot, and in Belgian I talk well, but I don’t understand much

Tribunal: En is it a real child?

Rosa: It is a real child of God.

Tribunal: And why the baby doesn’t cry?

Rosa: It lives in silence

Tribunal: But is it a real child of flesh and blood?

Rosa: It is a real child of plastic and plastic

Tribunal: Why.

Rosa: Because now he is eternal.  A truck can drive over it, he is only flat not dead, he is not anymore biodegradable.

And than the verdict fell for Rosa.

The tribunal judges en condemns you for
Pathological lies
False prophecies
Innocence fantasies
Self mutilation
Perpetual pregnancies of God

the tribunal condemns you to endless medication
(waves with pills)
Every day one

Eat it dammit, all!