It is a humbling task to be a part of the passage of all this history and knowledge to the next generation, to give or to take part in workshops, with adults or kids, bringing out the best in ourselves. Then to direct or teach while directing or teach directing, with workshops ranging from scenography from the directors point of view and ways to be better than a singing fish over live animation and word games to live-artistic crochet and embroidery…

As a teacher I am familiar with the making of a theatrical production, we analyse the text with the actors, I pass on to them the rules of theatre work space, correct their pronunciation, the use of their voice, teach them body awareness and contact different students every day to make sure they turn up at the right rehearsal.

I grade on voice, body and how they use it after taking my advice, their respect and attitude towards theatre work space, courage and humour (intelligence) and for being conscious, being 'there', improvisation, willingness to say yes to what their partner brings.

Marijs Boulogne

my workshops and teaching:

• When Somthing Really Happens – MARIJS BOULOGNE (BELGIUM)

Feb. 20 to 24, 2017 – 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (Mon-Fri) - Studio 303, Montreal, Canada
Open to artists of all disiplines / Bilingual teacher

This workshop is for aspiring directors / live-performers / independent or half-funded or maybe too shy writers who want to direct other people. Marijs also wants to provide a place for questions and meeting others for anybody who is new to scenography or the professional theatre scene.This is not a ‘psychodrama class’ or ‘drama workshop’, or about work ethics, this is more about creation, practical collaboration with actors or co-creators. A practical confrontation with the space/objects/meanings around us to make something happen with what keeps you busy and the divine faith that everything you’ll need, is always there. This is a starting point to look for the moment when something really happens on stage or in public space. In the true sense of making something truly mémorable, uplifting, in the best sense of the expérience.

•  Workplace of the Orgasm (W.o.t.O.), BIG SMILE - knitting workshop - Ladyfest BrusselsLe Brass, centre culturel de Forest - (19 March 2016)

• Workplace of the Orgasm (Werkplaats van het orgasme) - public crochet workshop by Marijs Boulogne in collaboration with Wilfrieda Stroobants and Ester Joris - De Warande (ground floor) with the public showing of performance on 12 September - Le Village des Rêves Perdus (Theater Froefroe)  - Opening of the theatre season of the Cultural Center De Warande (library), Turnhout, Belgium (6-12 September 2015)

 • Atelier performance to the masterclass of Ceramics & Performance - National High School of Visual Arts La Cambre, Brussels, Belgium (11 May & 2 June, 2015)

 • Teaching  theatre  to the first year directors  - RITS School of Arts, Brussels, Belgium (24 February - 20 March 2015)

   A Tiny Sex Change workshop by Marijs Boulogne, inspired by A Thousand Tiny Sexes project  -  WoWmen! - Kaaitheater & Kaaistudio's, Brussels, Belgium (15 March 2014) 

Performing Gender Workshop by Marijs BoulogneDutch Dance Festival in collaboration with Bonnefantenmuseum and Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, Netherlands (more photos Facebook 1 - 2)

• Associate professor (docent) teaching theatre to 3rd atelier students of the first bachelor year, providing directing methods and tools for actors and performers for future theatre work at RITS School of Arts, Brussels, Belgium (January/February 2014)

Teaching theatre at the American University of Kosovo (2013)

Theatre/scenography workshop When Something Really Happens – Edgy Women Festival, Studio 303, Canada (2013)

Teaching youth theatre - Villa Basta, Hasselt, Belgium (2011)

Teaching theatre -  first year students of directing RITS Brussels (2011)

Teaching theatre - second year students of directing RITS Brussels (2011)

• Theatre/dance workshop If Fishes could Talk for dancers, actors and performers to developed dancing, theatrical, singing and per formative elements for performance Marzipan or Plexi, Emanat Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2009)

• Workshop on Language activism Word games - Verbindingen / Jonctions 9 Arts festival, Constant vzw, Brussels, Belgium (2005)


 theatre assistances:

• Intern by Enrique Vargas Labyrinth production, Gent, Belgium, 2002

• Directors assistant to directors Sam Bogaerts (BE) and Boris Kelly (AUS) 1998, 1999


 workshops attendances:

• Participated in the seminar by Silvia Federici  and in the Drea ml a b  by Mala Kline -Cit y   of Women Fest ival  2014, Ljubljana, Slovenia

• Performative workshop by La Pocha Nostra , City of Women Festival 2013 (photo video )

• Plank Breaking  workshop by Catherine Lallonde, 2013

• Meta Family  workshop by Julia Bardsley, City of Women Festival, 2012 (photo video )

• Tiny Little Buttons  workshop by Antonia Baehr and Keren Ida Nathan, 2011

• The 1000 Tiny Sexes workshop by Tea Hvala, Red Dawns Festival, 2007

• Contemporary dance workshop by David Hernandez in Stuk, Belgium, 1996 





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  • 0.3_Workplace_of_the_Orgasm_public_crochet_workshop_by_Marijs_Boulogne_de_Warande_2015
  • 0.4_Marijs_with_RITS_students_2015
  • 0.5_DreamHostel_dreamlab by Mala Kline_City of Women Festival 2014
  • 0.6_SilviaFederici_seminar_City of Women 2014
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  • 1.1_Performing_Gender_Workshop_Maastricht_-_March_2014
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  • 3.1_La_Pocha_Nostra_workshop_2013_photo_by_Nada_Žgank
  • 3.2_La_Pocha_Nostra_workshop_2013_photo_by_Nada_Zgank
  • 4.1_Plank_breaking_workhop_by_catherine_lallonde_-_edgy_women_festival_photo_by_valerie_sangin
  • 4.2_Plank_breaking_workhop_by_catherine_lallonde_-_edgy_women_festival_photo_by_valerie_sangin
  • 4.3_Plank_breaking_workhop_by_catherine_lallonde_-_edgy_women_festival
  • 5.1_Meta_Family_workshop_public_presentation_2012_photo_by_Nada_Zgank
  • 5.2_Meta_Family_workshop_by_julia_bardsley_city_of_women_festival_photo_by_nada_zgank
  • 6.1_Tiny_Little_Buttons_workshop_by_antonia_baehr_and_karen_ida_nathan_emanat_ljubljana
  • 7.1_If_Fishes_Could_Talk_workshop_by_marijs_boulogne_emanat_ljubljana_photo_by_nada_zgank
  • 8.1_Language_Activism_Wordgames_workshop_by_marijs_boulogne_verbindingen_jonctions_9_2005_brussels
  • 8.2_Language_Activism_Wordgames_workshop_by_Marijs_Boulogne_Verbindingen_Jonctions_9_2005_Brussels